Why Boycott "Bare" Mountain?

Would you support a corporation that destroys the environment and tramples on people's rights – in your own backyard?

Developers for Bear Mountain Resort and the Bear Mountain Interchange have desecrated two First Nations caves near Victoria, BC. They demolished irreplaceable karst formations hundreds of thousands of years old for the sake of profit and convenience. The City of Langford promised the Langford Lake Cave would be protected. Instead, it has been mutilated.

Construction is killing vulnerable species and rare ecosystems. Bulldozers and excavators have trashed the watercourses. Mud and silt are suffocating red-legged frogs and pacific tree frogs in Spencer's Pond and Florence Lake. Garry Oak and arbutus ecosystems are reduced to rubble. Orange sludge is polluting watercourses downstream from Bare Mountain.

The project - and its funding - was not approved by voters in Langford. The city has aggressively promoted the expensive and short-sighted Bear Mountain Interchange and continues to pursue funding on behalf of developers in spite of over 2200 petitioners demanding an open vote and full disclosure of financial estimates and repayment terms.

The province collaborated in Bear Mountain's land grab. Crown forest land ended up in the hands of Bear Mountain Resort and Len Barrie's consortium after it was flipped twice in 2001 for just over a million dollars. The end result is trashed ecosystems and billions of dollars pocketed by developers while the province looks the other way.

Is this ethical business practice? Is this sustainable development?

Why would anyone do business with "Bare" Mountain Resort?

Get more info at the Boycott Bare Mountain blog.

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