The Return of the Friday Afternoon Picnics!

Announcing the return of the Friday afternoon potluck picnics at the Bear Mountain Tree Sit! Celebrate the return of the sun and other signs of the coming spring: snowdrops flowering, cherry trees budding, fiddleheads sprouting, and more forest defense heroes camping in the treetops!

Please join us in Langford at the north end of Leigh Road this Friday, 2 to 8 pm, and every Friday until Spencer's Pond and Langford Lake Cave are safe from development.


  • Bring a dish to pass, barbeque, shish kebab, snacks, munchies, veggies
  • Bring a cup, bowl and spoon
  • Bundle up in warm warm warm clothes (extra socks, gloves, hat, scarf).
  • Bring kids, dogs, friends, musical instruments, songs, and your happy self

The camp is also seeking donations of firewood. Thanks so much to our hundreds and hundreds of visitors who are keeping the camp stocked and enjoying this beautiful forest.

Potluck and Work Party, Sunday Jan. 20

Please join us at the Bear Mountain Tree Sit this Sunday as we begin to expand and renovate the camp! A community member donated a truck load of recycled building materials this week, and we are making great plans, including a sound stage for a live music event. Other supporters have been brainstorming ways to either stop the interchange or delay it while we try to resolve the conflict by legal and political means.

Folks can bring a dish to pass, new ideas, great energy, friends, kids, dogs, musical instruments, and donations if they wish.

What: All-day work party, potluck and evening social
When: This Sunday, January 20, 11 am til moon rise
Where: Bear Mountain Tree Sit (scroll down for directions)
Why: To preserve a sacred cave, wetlands, and rare species
Who: All ages welcome!

The camp has a wish list, if anyone has these items to donate:

  • Good climbing rope!
  • A two-burner camp stove (propane or white gas)
  • An alternator with a diode (to be used with a stationary bike to charge phones and laptops)
  • A car or marine battery
  • A metal bathtub (for taking baths!)
  • Tobacco
  • Tarps
  • Volunteers
  • A truck to drive around for a day

"Come for the work, stay for the party!"

Video Journal of Dec.29 Rally

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