Bear Mountain by bus from downtown Victoria

It's true - the tree sit is only a 10-minute walk from the bus stop in Langford. There is also room for several cars to park at the end of the road. Here's the map and directions (make sure to consult an area map and bus schedule to avoid getting lost.) The green arrow points to the intersection of Leigh Road and Goldstream Avenue in Langford.

By Bus
From the southeast corner of Douglas and Fort Street, downtown Victoria: Catch the #50 Langford via Goldstream bus on Douglas St. It is around a 40-minute bus ride to Langford. From Goldstream Avenue, the bus turns onto Carlow Road. Get off at the stop at the corner of Carlow Road and continue west on Goldstream Avenue past the Spencer Middle School on the right and the Little Elf Garden Centre. Turn right on Leigh Road and walk up to the road's end. Follow the informal trail into the forest and take the well-used uphill left hand path. (Flagging tape marking the trail keeps getting removed, darn it.) The trail follows a slight ridge past the Langford Cave and the white tarps in the trees are visible almost immediately. The hike is about 200 meters into the woods. (Don't cross the highway.)

Click here for the schedule for the #50 Langford via Goldstream bus

By Car
From the Trans-Canada Highway in Langford, take the Spencer Road exit south to Goldstream Avenue. Turn right (west) on Goldstream, go 300 meters to Leigh Road (automotive shop on corner.) Turn right on Leigh Road and go 100 meters to the end of the road. Follow the informal trail into the woods and look for the white tarps (see above.)

See you there!

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