RCMP Raid - Three Arrested

Here is the bad news: On Wednesday, February 13, everyone in the tree sit camp was arrested. Three people, including two tree sitters, were held and charged with mischief and obstructing a highway. They have now been released.

The massive attack by police had as many as 70 RCMP officers, dozens of them with assault rifles drawn and pointed at the campers, surrounding the camp before dawn.

The area is sealed off by police tape and RCMP patrols. Heavy equipment was moved in and the destruction has begun. From Leigh Road, we could see trees falling to a feller buncher – a giant tree cutting machine.

We also saw welding equipment being moved in behind police lines. It’s possible that one of the first acts of destruction today was welding shut the entrance of the Langford Lake Cave.

Here is the good news: It is not over yet. This act has outraged the community and people will not give up resisting this hideous development. We have arranged for top-notch legal representation for our defendants. They are heroes.


Unknown said...

The human rights of this group have been abused. I very much doubt if Canada has a law against “mischief“. Find a good human rights attorney and sue the RCMP for false arrest!

Anonymous said...

yeah right,, Good luck mate

Anonymous said...

See http://www.canlii.org/ca/sta/c-46/sec430.html