Ecosystem Update

Warning: Destruction Ahead!
Trees, bushes, shrubs, wildflowers, and every living thing has been stripped away by bulldozers. The tree sit is gone but the fight continues.

Below, Langford Lake Cave is still intact under a rebar grate and several tons of boulders. The cave is in danger from blasting of the interchange site, which could happen at any time.

Red Alert for Red-legged Frogs Construction is dumping silt and mud into Spencer's Pond and Florence Lake and suffocating Red-Legged Frogs, a blue-listed species at risk. The city Of Langford has no plan to deal with runoff and contamination until after the construction is finished. By then the frogs may be wiped out, and it could be years before they return to what's left of their habitat.

Stand Up for Garry Oaks
Garry Oak meadows are the most endangered ecosystem in Canada, and they need your help. Developers are finalizing their proposal to the City of Langford for a large development between the Bear Mountain development and Hwy No.1. If allowed to proceed as is, this development will build on and destroy part of the endangered Garry Oaks Ecosystem and habitat for threatened species, like the sharp-tailed snake and the red-legged frog.

The city wants the development to go ahead but there is another option. The developers don’t need to build on the endangered Garry Oaks ecosystem. Within their development boundaries there is sufficient non-endangered land on which they can build. The developers have promised to give almost half of the total land away as protected, undeveloped parkland, but they have neglected to protect all of the Garry Oaks areas on their plans.

Help protect the Garry Oaks and Red-legged Frogs. Demand that the City of Langford force the developers to build only on non-sensitive land and protect the Garry Oaks Ecosystem. The mayor and city will be reviewing the final development package over the next couple of weeks. The only way to stop the destruction is to put pressure on the city of Langford to force the Skirt Mountain developers to amend their plans to protect the Garry Oaks Ecosystem. Don’t let the mayor give in to the developers with a clean conscience. Hold your elected politicians to account.

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